Wednesday, October 21, 2015

15mm SciFi Display - Part 1

For quite some times I was playing around with the idea of building some kind of display. A couple of weeks ago I received my 15mm Ranger Project Salamander Mech, but at that time I wasn't too keen to do anything with it. Now I was rummaging through my hobby room (in fact, my significant other pointed out that it is in utter need of being tidied up...) and I found some more 15mm miniatures and terrain. So instead of doing my chores I started toying around with these things ;)

First, a closer look at the Salamander. The Kickstarter was kind of a disappointment with long periods of total silence, kits showing up on ebay before they were delivered to backers and at some point the general assumption that the caster run with both the models and the money. So I was rather surprised to actually finding the model in my mailbox.

The Salamander has some 20+ parts, including about 5 for which I couldn't figure out where they are supposed to go:

I also got some alternative weapons and the sniper head:

The quality is okay for a small-batch production. There is flash and some bubbles, but nothing broke and details are generally sharp:

Assembly is straight-forward. I washed the parts in warm soapy water and used liquid superglue:

But as expected the skinny legs are a problem, as well as the small feet. Those are made in a way that only 3 of the 4 toes touch the ground. It took some support to put these parts together, and the finished model is very top-heavy and prone to fall over backwards.

I decided not to use the hands of the kit. The lower arms look like weapons and I think it adds to the martial appearance of the Salamander. Despite its flaws I am very pleased with the look of the finished model:

The other 15mm sets I have are tanks and infantry from Darkest Star Games and modular buildings from Tehnolog. Here is a first rough set-up for a display board:

Next I'll have to find a good picture frame that can be used for the display and decide on a color scheme. At the moment I think of concrete for the terrain and urban camo for the troops, maybe splinter pattern.

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