Sunday, November 8, 2015

Anarchy from the UK

So, time for a new post. Real life got in the way of my hobby time a lot recently, and I started to work on a german version of the Afterlife rules, so I am just going to show some new hobby material that arrived at my doorstep: Stencils from Anarchy Models

They are designed to be used with an airbrush (which I don't own) but I am pretty confident that they will work with Tamiya spray cans. I'll use the digital camo on the 15mm miniatures for the display I was talking about before.

The material is vinyl, which makes them quite adhesive by themselves, and there is a lot of stencils on each sheet. They are supposed to be reusable, but I don't think that will work out if I use a spray can. Here is a picture of the actual diamond grid sheet:

The stencils above are all from the HD series. There is also a HS series which has thicker, less flexible material. That makes them easier to clean and to last longer:

In other news, a friend of mine who's running his own painting studio outsourced some basic work to me, so I have to take care of a bunch of Sigmarines this week:

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