Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Magyar Királyi Honvédség - Assembling the Force

My miniatures arrived a couple of days ago and I wasted no time building my army!

The army list I will use is as follows:

Second Lieutnant (Regular) - 50

Light Infantry Section (Veteran)
+ 4 soldiers
+ SMG - 120
Light Infantry Section (Veteran)
+ 4 soldiers
+ SMG - 120
Regular Infantry Section (Regular)
+ 6 soldiers - 110

Sniper Team (Regular) - 50
MMG Team  (Regular) - 50
Medium Artillery (Inexperienced)
+ Spotter - 70

Turan I
+ Upgrade to Turan II - 195
Toldi I - 75
Sd Kfz 234/2 Puma - 160 (Axis Support)

Total: 1000 Punkte

 And here are pictures of the some of the elements:

I went for a rather relaxed pose for the Lieuntant, and decided to arm him with just a pistol. Normally, I would use Officers to get some free SMGs in the force, but this time it somehow didn't feel right.

This is one of the NCOs with SMG. Hungarian used the Danuvia 39M SMG which looked a lot like a normal rifle:

The artillery is a hodgepdoge of miniatures: I stole the gun from my Italians, the metal crew is actually from a mortar and I built two additional crewmen from the Blitzkrieg infantry box.

The MMG on the other hand is straight forward out of the box. I just needed to find a way to mount the separate bases in a reasonable way.

And the sniper team. Due to the separate weapons it was really hard to pose them in a proper way, and I still hope nobody'll look at them too closely.

Last, but not least, the tanks:

I ordered a Puma at our local hobby store, but it didn't arrive yet. If it's not here in time, I'll go back to use the Szebeny's Tank Destroyer as a Marder II.

Next I'll have to remove the last bits of flash and tub, and then they'll all get a nice white primer.

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