Tuesday, October 11, 2016

20 kg of Awesomeness

One thing I did during my vacation was sending a package to myself - 20kg of toys that were in storage at my parents place. Today, it finally arrived!

The box was pretty beaten, but it travelled around the world. I was just hoping I packed everything reasonably safe...

Nope :(
The horror...

Man down! Man down!

But luckily most of it was okay.

So what was inside? For example my 6mm Modern IDF:

And some half-done Germans:

Plus reinforcements for my BAOR and Syrians:

Some 6mm Brigade Models Neo-Soviets:

One and a half 15mm Mighty Armies forces:

And two more:

A 15mm Walker from Micropanzer Wargames, long time oop and awful to assemble:

But the main part of it was BattleTech miniatures. I bought my first BattleTech novel, Way of the Clans, when I was 14, and I was hooked. Got the Mechs! box as a present soon after, but never actually played the game until I was 17. But then, BattleTech was HUGE in my circle of friends, especially during my last years of school and first years of study. We played an ongoing campaign with a mercenary unit, and back in the day there was heaps of organized play throuch MechForce and communities like Lordprotector and Batchall. I still own hundreds of BattlecTech miniatures, and maybe half of them are now back here with me.

Sadly, they suffered the most during transit...

First we have the mangled remains of my Clan Hell's Horse Omega Keshik:

The Hell's Horses always have been my favorite clan, I loved their schism between Crusaders and Warden and I loved their use of second line Mechs beside OmniMechs and their combined arms tactics. They were like one step smarter than the average clanner.

Well, if you are looking for a game with even more ridiculous tank designs than 40K, look no further! Also, I have way more ProtoMechs than I remember...

I also have a bunch of rather boring Clan Wolf machines:

Including a Fenris with this quite presentable free-hand logo I did:

And a bunch of unpainted Clan Mechs, including 3 Dire Wolves :)

One of them is a Widowmaker, produced by the MechForce UK. But I suspect mine is a re-cast.

Beside this, I also created my own mercenary outfit, with the rather unoriginal name of Ronin. They were a bunch of soldiers who lost their units, families and/or homeworld in the Clan invasion. The core was the remnants of an FRR unit which teamed up with a beaten up Steiner mercenary lance and went from there. Yepp, I had a very detailed background for this unit.
They adapted the same organisation as the clans with 5 Mechs per unit, and employed an "open" company structure, meaning that lances were put together into comapanies according to teh task at hand.

This is the command lance:

I was not very skilled when I painted those, and I think they deserve a new (hopefully better) paint job.

The Ronin employed three combat lances of mixed weight, employing embedded scouts in combat units:

The Thug is a bit of a stretch for a mercenary outfit in 3052, but I am sure there was a very good story for it being there.

Talking about stretches, of course they have a LAM leading their scout lance!

The other two light lances are more combat oriented, with an ambush lance of 5 Javelins, well, technically three JVN-10N Javelins and two JVN-10F Fire Javelins, and a Hunter/Killer lance with two Phoenix Hawks and three Valkyries.

More specialized units come in form of an urban combat lance, as heavy as possible while being jump-capable and  painted brightly red for easy identification in the chaos of close quarter combat, a fire support lance and the pride of my collection, the Guard lance with an Unseen Marauder II, two Unseen Marauders and an Unseen metal Warhammer (the painted Warhammer is plastic)!

Later, I expanded the Ronin to a full bataillon with Mechs from the newer TROs. Here are some of them, although each lance is missing at least one member - I guess they stayed behind when I packed the box...

And some more unaligned Mechs:

The last picture also contains a disturbing amount of unaccounted bits...

I hope you enjoyed this little trip through my hobby history!
And there is still another smaller box sitting here waiting to be unpacked. :)

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  1. Awesome! Must have been quite nostalgic. And the Fenris freehand is quite nice!