Sunday, September 6, 2015

Bring & Buy

Last weekend we had a bring & buy at our local hobby club. I brought some things from my cabinet and managed to sell more than I bought myself, so I guess it was a success ;)

I got two new miniatures I'm going to use for Frostgrave: a classic Warhammer wizard and a Helldorado demon.

The wizard should make a nice Necromant. I'm thinking about painting him in dark black and brown colors. The demon is really freaky, and I'm looking forward to painting it.

I also got some reinforcements for my Mordheim warband. A new model for my Assassin Adept and a couple of giant rats:

Next, two very good tank walk-around-books:

I'm doing a lot of research about late Cold War armies for a small project of mine (which I will talk about in a later blog post) and those are a great addition for my reference library.

But the best purchase was this:

A huge lot of 10mm Normans, about 70 knights, well over 120 spearmen and about 20 archers and crossbowmen, each.

More than enough to make a DBA 3.0 army, even if I "double-base" (putting twice as many miniatures on each base as needed, for example 6 knights per Kn (3) base)!

This week I'll try to finish painting my Skaven (including the new models) so the yare ready to play on sunday. I'll keep you posted ;)

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  1. Man the best norman is a bag of em!. I am envious of the normans^^