Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Welcome to the Afterlife

I received the last of my miniatures from the Afterlife: Shards of Liberty Kickstarter by Anvil Industry. This range is really working for me, excellent near future soldiers, not too exotic bit with a "realistic" vibe. And Anvil Industry is a guarantee for great quality. I never have had a single damaged miniature from them and I remember one out of over a hundred that had a minimal amount of bubbles.

But see yourself, here is a bunch of pictures:
Let's start with the rebellious Republicans. Madison Yoshida, one of the characters leading the Shard Strikes into Unity City. She's wearinhg Pulse Mech armor and I got two of her so I can build one with Flight Pack (see below) and one without.

Talking about Pulse Mech, here are the two support variants, one with missile launchers and one with autocannons.

And the optional Flight Packs for the Pulse Mechs.

Commando Bodyguard for the Republic and a female Unity Council Spectre Operative. They won't stand so peacefully next to each other ever again.
The Commando Bodyguard was a last minute addition to the campaign and we kinda talked Anvil Industry into it, but I guess they are quite happy now. It's one of my favorites from the campaign.

Republican Commando Snipers with Railguns, including the KS-exclusive one to the right. I already converted some in the past but they are a nice addition to my team. I also really dig the small observation drone!

More Republican Commandos. I got two squads so I can build one with shields (to join the Assault Specialist team) and one without,

Goliath Walker CQB close combat variant. Good that it comes with two head options, the one with a whole bunch of sensors on his head looks a bit odd.

Another favorite of mine, the Instigator Assault Recon Vehicle. comes with a lot of options, too. I think I'll build the attack version with the gunner in the back, but I'm going to get another one to make a transport.

The Assassination Pack includes all the missing big wigs from both sides, even Raul Tennyson himself. It also comes with the amazing Proteus-drone, a mind-controlled bodyguard.

The Unity Council gets some new characters, too. Here we have Gabriela Aguilar, a Spectre Operative Master Sniper. I guess she will cause her Commando counterparts some (explosive) headaches.

The Technician Pack includes Aleksander Malik, a mad and sadistic scientist, as well as his mute bodyguard Preacher, two of his assistants and one of their victims.

Not much is known about Ephraim Bolivar, "The Mechanic", except that he works for the Unity Council

CRANE is a megacorporation and one of their products is the Unity Council Ajax Exo-Armor. They also have their own paramilitary units like the heavy infantry above.

Last, but not least, a Unity Guard support platform with missile launcher. Not spectacular, but effective.

If you want to know more about the Afterlife universe, visit http://www.afterlifevolumes.com
And if you'd like to see more of the Afterlife miniatures range, go to http://www.anvilindustry.co.uk/AFTERLIFE

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