Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Quick Update

Hello everyone,
it has been a bit quiet in this corner of my hobby life...

My new job took a lot of energy from me (especially the late shifts till midnight) and I've had a lot of non-hobby-related stuff to do (as most of us, I guess).

So what IS going on?

I finished a 3-part review of the excellent Age of Tyrants for Bell of Lost Souls, which will be published over the next couple of days.
Additionally, I got a couple of their tanks to review, too, of which two are with a friend of mine who runs his own painting service to be made pretty.

A first glimpse at on of the Age of Tyrants tanks I got to review

Next I'll write my 2015 review (for BoLS, too), which means I am going and I  through all the posts on the Fix for this year - quite an effort!

Then there are multiple painting projects that need to be finished - foremost a bunch of Sigmarites I am painting as a commission, but I also started a vignette with modern soldiers, the 15mm diorama, and some bits and pieces for Frostgrave and DBA.

Spears to Blades - quite fiddly in 10mm :)

Talking about DBA - I did finish my army and played the tournament at the start of December, and I actually won! Well, it only had 5 players, but winning three out of four games was a very pleasant chnage from losing every match in my first two competitions. I guess it is true that miniatures painted by yourslef fight harder :)

I am still contemplating if I want to push to get a 1000 points Hungarian army for Bolt Action done in  the next 6 weeks to have them ready for an upcoming tournament - but I still haven't decided which infantry to use for conversions....

So, that was the short catch-up, I hope there will be more and better structured content soon.

Happy Holidays and see you in a bit!


  1. Merry Christmas! I'm excited for Age of Tyrants as well! All the sneak peeks are driving me nuts. : )

  2. Thanks for all the work you do here too! I literally check in every day!

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