Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Spray and Pray

I started with the 15mm SciFi diorama and painted the vehicles.

First, I used black spray paint as a foundation:

Then I apllied the the Anarchy Models stencil vinyl:

Next was a layer of light grey:

And more stencils:

Follwed by the main color:

The Tamiya spray is pretty good and the layers are reasonably thin. Now came the most exciting part - removing the vinyl bits:

I am quite pleased with the results. Of course the Anarchy Models masking vinyl is not designed to be used with spray cans, but the "stepping" is not too bad. The vinyl left some residue, I guess because of the rather hot temperatures around here, but those rub off easily. I think that the paint from the can is more likely to get under the vinyl than paint from an airbrush.

Now I should go back and paint some 10mm Normans - they need to be ready by sunday ;)

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