Friday, August 14, 2015

Frostgrave - Soothsayer Warband

I put together my first Frostgrave list. This is actually a little bit more complicated than in other games, mainly because you'll have to chose the spells for your wizard. Every wizard starts with 8 spells, three from its own school, one each from their aligned schools and two from any neutral school he is allowed to use.

  Soothsayer Wizard
  • Dagger (5)
3 Soothsayer – Combat Awareness, Reveal Secret, Awareness
1 Thaumaturge - Shield
1 Chronomancer – Fast Act
1 Illusionist - Glow
2 Enchanter/Summoner/Necromancer/Elementalist/Sigilist – Enchant Weapon, Bone Dart

These spells give him a good mix of buffs like (Combat) Awareness, Fast Act and Glow, combined with Enchant Weapon against those pesky critters and Bone Dart to support alles from afar. And Reveal Secret allows him to place an additional treasure token in a convenient spot.

  Apprentice (200)
  • Dagger (5)
An Apprentice can use the same spells as the wizard, but less effectively. They are kind of a back.up to give you a second chance to cast an important spell. Their stats are also directly dependent on those of your wizard, and when he becomes a better fighter, your apprentice does, too.
Marksman (100)

The Marksman comes with a crossbow, hand wepaon and mail armour, combined with good fighting and shooting skills. In my opinion the best soldier class in the game, able to deal with alomst anything.

Treasure Hunter (80)

The cheapest soldier with a fighting skill of +4, and fats enough to keep up with the Thieves.

2 Thief (2x20)

Thieves are faster than most other soldiers so they are best choice to go collecting treasures. Especially when backed up by a Treasure Hunter

3 Thugs (3x20)

Well, you should always have some expendable guys around to keep your opponent busy

Warhound (10)

Just because there were 10 points left.

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