Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My own little hobby blog

Hello everyone,
this is my little blog about wargaming, miniatures and painting. It will serve two purposes:

First, I want a new place to present my hobby projects.

Second, I'd like to have a place where I can voice my oppinion about news and developments in the scene.

Why a blog?
I was thinking about joining one of the large forums like warseer or dakkadakka, but eventually decided that a blog is the much better format for me. As the title says, I am skipping from project to project a lot, and I am a sucker for new shiny things. In forum-threads people would get annoyed by a lack of activity or a random change of subjects. Here I can just post whatever is on my mind at the moment ;)

I hope you'll enjoy my little hobby corner and I hope that some of you will leave a comment from time to time.


  1. Best of luck with your blog.
    Like you I also jump from project to project and I find Blogs the best way to keep all your personal projects in one place. Another good thing about blogs VS forums is that at anytime you can check quickly your previous posts without going through lots of posts and threads.

  2. Why waste time with forums when you can do as you like on here, your own little corner of the internet?

    I like the idea and wish you the very best with your projects. I have a 1500pts Grey Knights force and a 15mm Panzerkompanie to paint over the summer so I'll be keeping an eye on your 6mm shenanigans, very brave! xD

  3. Good luck with the blog! I look forward to seeing your squirrelling interests. :-)