Monday, August 17, 2015

Top 5 Companies for Frostgrave Miniatures

Although the official Frostgrave range is very good, some miniatures do not exactly work for me, for example the Apothecary and the Barbarian. The plastic soldier box is good, too, but there is a certain lack of alternative parts, especially for left arms (And I don't really want four guys holding the same lantern in the same way as if there was a latern sale at the local merchant's hall...)

Luckily, there are heaps of companies producing alternatives. Here are my current Top 5 (and a half):

Honourable Mention - Black Chapel Miniatures

A very limited range so far and some of it is too "modern" with blackpowder guns and "Renaissance"-style clothing, but I really dig their new Alchemist who has good chancs to become my Apothecary, and the Ice Wizard can be used as an alternative Witch or Elementalist.

#5 Reaper Miniatures

You need something? Reaper has it. Most likely multiple alternatives. They have an awesome Figure Finder. Looking for a female human showing off some spell effects? There are five of them. Human Knight with a hammer - chose out of seven. Sadly, sculpting quality is not always great, but if you want everything you need from just one source - go to Reaper.

#4 - Footsore Miniatures

Great and reasonably priced Dark Age miniatures, sadly a lot of them with spears. But they have a nice "rabble"-vibe to them.

#3 Hasslefree Miniatures

These miniatures just ooze character and they are amazingly well done. I especially like their female Barbarians.

#2 Fireforge Games

The Frostgrave plastic soldier box was designed to be compatible to the Fireforge boxes, and many of the miniatures shown in the rulebook are converted with Fireforge bits. Especially the Foot Sergeants are almost a "most-buy" for every Frostgrave player. The Teutonic Infantry is a great supplement, too, especially for building "specialist" soldiers like marksmen.

#1 Otherworld Miniatures

The classic D&D-style is perfect for Frostgrave, and the miniatures have a nice "down-to-earth" realistic look. Also a great source for all kind of critters!

So what's your favorite company for Fantasy Adventurers?


  1. It seems almost unfair to compare anyone's minis to Kev White of Hasselfree; the guy is a real artist. ;)

  2. Also recommended has been Red Box Games Miniatures...

    1. Thank you for the tip. Have just ordered a couple of models from them!