Thursday, May 19, 2016

For the Motherland (Part 1)

Hello everybody, sadly I only have time for a very quick update.
Here are some of the miniatures for my newest project, an early war Soviet army for the Operation Barbarossa event our wargaming club is organising.

The T-26s and infantry are from Baker Company, the BA-6 is from Warlord Games.
I'm planning to turn the biplane into a mission objective for the Top Secret mission.

I hope I can put up the full reviews soon!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Review - Anvil Industry The Blacksmith

Anvil Industry is one of my favorite miniature companies, and they recently turned 5 years old! To celebrate this, they released The Blacksmith, their special 5th anniversary miniature. Of course I ordered two, let's have a look!

The miniature come with a lot of pieces: a base plate, a body, an anvil, a pair of tongs, two heads,
two right hand options and three left hand options!

The quality is very good, as usual for Anvil Industry. But I was very surprised to see the amount of bubbles on the underside of the anvil piece:

Shocking! ;)
Well, luckily this is completely irrelevant for the look of the miniature because the rest of the anvil looks as sharp as  you can wish for:

 I can only speculate that the bubbles are caused by the process of casting such a complex form, but then again, they do not affect the look of the model at all.

I bought two sets so I can build one as an actual blacksmith and one as a warrior ready to fight.
Assembly is easy and everything fits perfectly:

Amazing character!

I chose the flaming sword and shield combo for my warrior. You could also use the hammer for the right hand and a dagger for the left.

The tools on his belt appear a bit out of place to me, but who knows what they will be used for after the battle...

I am looking very much forward to painting these two. It's a really cool miniature, especially when built as a blacksmith. Makes me wish I could do OSL...

If you want to pick up you own blacksmith, go to:

And in case you are wondering what happened to my Bolt Action Hungarians... Well, I missed the tournament due to a severe plumbing issue (I spare you the details). There was some progress painting them, and I hope I will show some new pictures soon.

Overall I promise to take better care of this blog in the future - I have sorted out my wedding, residency and new job and it should be much easier now to post an article every other week or so.

See you soon!