Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Shape of Things to Come

Hello everybody, here is a quick teaser of what I am going to present to you in the near future - it's all about Normandy!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Bring & Buy 2016 Loot

today was the first day of the Christchurch Wargaming Club Bring & Buy 2016, and I decided that this year I would be solely on the "Buy" side ;). The event grew quite a bit from last year, and we got a couple of hundred people through the door before lunchtime!

I spent 80 NZ$, which is about 58 US$. And look at my loot!

I got a couple of awesome books for 5 NZ$ (3.6 US$) each:

Another awesome score was this box of 1983 Grenadier Models Orcs - still in their original, also slightly decomposed, foam inlay:

 These Reaper and Bombshell blister cost me 1 NZ$ (0.72 US$) each!

And same for these Epic Demolishers and 6mm Dark Realm Miniatures tanks!

I also found a "Never Surrender" British Para (that was the pre-order exclusive for the first edition of Bolt Action):

And somebody was even selling demons from the The Others: 7 Sins boardgame!

And last but not least, 1/35th and 1/72th model kits which just looked like fun to build:

I am very happy with this pile of new toys!

And here are some more pictures of other interesting stuff on offer which sadly didn't fit into my budget: