Saturday, April 1, 2017

Community Service

We were looking for new ways to promote our hobby (and club) and got into contact with the local library. They were very keen to put up a display, so I volunteered some of my 8th Army!

They needed  work anyway (a lot of transport damage...), and this was a great reason to get it done.

Some of my infantry, supported by a Matilda II, 2 inch mortar and a 2-pdr ATG. The 2-pdr is from Perry Miniatures and so fragile that it needed its own support base - sadly I haven't had time to paint it :/

M3 Grant (in the 4-tone camouflage as seen on the one at Bovington), SAS jeep and troop and a squad of Sikhs.

I count those towards my goal of getting 200 miniatures ready - 38 down, 162 to go!