Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Top 3 Miniature Ranges That Don't Exist (But Totally Should!)

Everybody has their personal wish list of miniatures they would love to see produced, so here is my top 3 of ranges that should exist, but don’t!

28mm Modern IDF

This is really a surprise for me. I mean, there are pretty comprehensive ranges in 6mm and 15mm, but nobody seems to care about producing 28mm Modern IDF units.Which is a shame, because the IDF has some of the most unique and iconic armored vehicles in the world: Merkavas, Nagmachon, Achzarit, Magach and more!

Oh, and I totally want need Oketz troops!

There are some bits and pieces around in 28mm, but nothing that would make me want to build a force out of it.

Who should do it? – Perry Miniatures, they have the right sense for detail and poses.

2. Weird War 1812

I never really got the appeal of Napoleonic warfare, mainly because its tactics and appearance are alien and counter-intuitive for me. Nevertheless, 1812 saw conflicts throughout the Americas and Europe, and offers a multitude of factions. Considering that this is also the year Grimm’s Fairy Tales were published for the first time, it doesn’t take much to imagine a version of this year all mixed up with mystical creatures and weird contraptions.

The closest think we have to this is Flintloque/Slaughterloo with its Napoleonic Fantasy races, but Goblins riding Dodos is maybe a little bit over the top:

I am rather thinking of something along the lines of Konflikt ’47 – offering an interesting new twist on existing armies

Who should do it? – Raging Heroes seems to be fearless enough to tackle such a project, but their scale and style might not mix well with existing ranges. So, maybe we can get a Black Powder supplement, Warlord Games?

3. Mass Effect

Like, c’mon, HOW is this not already a thing? Okay, a lot of people didn’t like ME:A, or the end of ME:3, but over all , this is such a rich universe that begs to be converted into a skirmish tabletop. Just the Council races (Humans, Salarians, Turians, Asari) offer vast differences in style and tactics, and you didn’t even start to get Krogans, Quarians and Geth in the mix. And let’s not forget the Collectors!

Sure, the license  would be expensive and/or impossible to get, but I guarantee you Kickstarter would bury you in money.

Who should do it? - Corvus Belli or Modiphius Entertainment could pull this off in an awesome way.

So, what would be your pick?